We live in hotels. Figuratively speaking.

What We Do

Koddi helps advertisers with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of hotels manage their Hotel Price Ads and meta search advertising with the same level of granularity and efficiency that they expect from their most advanced Search and Display campaigns. By consuming data from the client, publishers, and analytics providers we can automate reporting, accelerate analysis, and expose opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Enterprise advertisers using Koddi post hundreds of thousands of bid changes per week and generate complex reports in seconds. They receive alerts when their KPIs shift and can quickly respond to changes, gaining an edge on the competition. Smart clients are choosing Koddi to automate core metasearch management tasks and set their marketing teams free to grow their campaigns, driving thousands of incremental bookings per month.

Our goal was to create a first in class and iterative platform that pushes brands to stay nimble, inventive and Google ready. The Koddi team is focused on swift integration and brand scale through service, calculated travel direction and responsive development.

Our Team

Leanne Ballard

Leanne is responsible for customer growth and success, capitalizing on emerging partner functionality and identifying new distribution opportunities in metasearch. Prior to landing at Koddi, she spent seven years at KAYAK managing the hotel product and strategic partner initiatives. She began her career heading up sales at several boutique hotel companies and is a frequent lecturer at Baruch and NYU hospitality programs. She has a love of cooking and makes homegrown capicola, loves to bake sfogliatella and makes a mean fried calamari. If you can pronounce all three of those things in her native Staten Island tongue, you can have one month of free Koddi services.

Johanna Klay

Johanna enjoys exceeding expectations, talking about things with a high level of nuisance, ballroom dancing, improv, and playing with her pug. Her previous experience working in politics adds a diverse and exceptional ability to multi-task. She doesn’t drink coffee and that’s probably for the best.

Taren Hartwig

When she’s not baking cookies that would make Martha Stewart jealous, Taren is focused on delivering world-class service and insights to our clients.  Strategist.  Ghostbuster.  Excel master.  Autograph collector.  Writer.  Digital marketer.

Connor VanDaveer

Native Houstonian. IPA Enthusiast. Coffee Connoisseur. For Connor, it’s all about the latest unknown music and never missing a VICE News episode. Oh, and did we mention he happens to be a real hot shot on the pool table (or at least he thinks so).

Leah Simpson

Has been working in digital marketing with some of the world’s top brands for the past 5 years. She is passionate about partnering with clients to deliver the highest level of service and finding creative solutions to turn business challenges into big wins. Outside of the office, Leah enjoys cooking, binge watching anything on HBO, and spending time with her husband and their two dogs. 

Jeff Minnear

When confronted with a task, Jeff’s immediate inclination is to find a way to do it in JavaScript instead. He has found this approach to be rather successful in the work place, but less so in his personal life. He is, however, confident that things will improve once he writes a React component to do the dishes, take out the trash, and assume his social obligations.

Brian Kovacik

Brian is a passionate developer who specializes in improving existing processes and building new tools. While relatively quiet in person, he is straight fire on Slack. In his free time, he enjoys making video games and throwing the frisbee.

Alexander Marinov

His journey from Plovdiv to Forth Worth is a long story, but if you get a chance, ask him about it. Marinov oversees Koddi’s social marketing efforts. He brings an enthusiastic approach to everything he touches and you would be hard pressed to find him with a frown (Unless he runs out of that Bulgarian yogurt). He is our go to for social & performance marketing, with diverse experience in multiple verticals involving bought media.


You can’t put Isis in a box, but if you did, it would be something like: cats + snapchat + work ethic + short. And that box would ask you very smart, pointed questions. Also, that box would make fun of Trent Greene almost constantly.

Trent Greene

Trent is the kind of guy who wears a sweater he inherited from his grandfather four days in a row. He is also the guy who is unbelievably dedicated to driving client success and effective campaign optimization. Trent always surprises everyone in the office with his strong ability to cope with some of the most challenging requests. He also will take random weekend trips across the world, which can also be pretty surprising.

Zach Rector

Zach was a biology major who joined Koddi as a Campaign Analyst and quickly adapted to his new surroundings. His background in science gives him an interesting perspective on to approach solving problems. In his free time, Zach enjoys watching/playing soccer and going on bike rides.

Sarah Smith

Sarah is an avid cat enthusiast and Campaign Analyst by trade. She spends her days closing efficiency gaps and uncovering innovative ways to support her clients. Her hobbies consist of teaching her cat to play fetch, traveling the world and mastering the art of pranking her co-workers.

Robert McIntosh

Robert is by far the most Midwestern of all the Koddi employees. Robert puts his unique experience to use in our optimization, forecasting, and data science offerings. In his spare time, Robert enjoys eating lunches.

Landon Owens

Landon has a varied work history from fixing robots at Amazon to solving ETL issues for the ACA. Likes include gaming, guitar, business intelligence, and underdog stories. Guilty pleasures are political analysis, MLP, and cinnamon rolls.

Spencer Smith

Spencer has been around since the early days of Koddi. Initially starting as a developer, he has transitioned into creating/maintaining a large portion of Koddi’s cloud infrastructure. For fun Spencer enjoys a large number of toys/puzzles on his desk, computer and board games, craft beer, and corporate espionage.

Tara Karin

Tara is a proud Bostonian frequently sporting a Red Sox hat, Tom Brady jersey, and L.L. Bean duck boots. Her daily routine includes helping clients meet their meta search goals, bid optimizations, long walks on the beach, and looking for new opportunities in the ever growing market. Also, she is known for providing her coworkers with some “sick burns” from time to time.

Matthew Cross

Matt has been with Koddi from the earliest days, writing code for many key projects. Likes: flying gyrocopters, traveling abroad, and gaming. Loves: fancy teas and Blender.

Peter Brescia

Peter is by far the most British of all the Koddi employees. An Oxford trained physicist, Peter puts his skills to use in our optimization, forecasting, and data science offerings. In his spare time, Peter enjoys working on his Texan accent and reading extremely thick novels.

Nicholas Ward

Nicholas has more than 13 years of experience in digital advertising technology delivery and management roles. At Koddi he oversees daily operations and client success, working directly with technology, product, and service resources to ensure total accountability and service to some of the world’s top hotel brands.Nicholas has founded and grown successful businesses in structured data, local data management, and conversion optimization, and held technology leadership roles working with top global clients at iProspect, one of the world’s top digital advertising agencies.

Jarrod Simpson

Before joining the Koddi team, Jarrod managed digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest retail and technology brands. At Koddi, he has worn many hats touching business development, client services and operations development. Jarrod is passionate about developing a great team and building a strong infrastructure.