Feature Disparity in Google’s Hotel Search

In recent months, Google has added new filtering options for the two main ways users interact with a Hotel Ads, localuniversal (the knowledge panel in organic search) and mapresults (Google Maps.) I was drawn recently to a new filtering feature on the localuniversal search – the ‘Max Price/Night’ slider. We […]

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Hurricane Matthew Metasearch Trends

Early in the week, we noticed an unusual spike in traffic in certain geographies in the southeast United States. Upon digging in, we found that the uptick in traffic was coming primarily from States in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We found that many users were searching for hotels further inland in their respective states.

While the spike did impact properties of all types in one way or another, we found that lower ADR hotels saw a 341% increase in click volume for hotels in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, while only seeing a 14% increase in all other US states.

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New Multipliers on Google Hotel Ads

Google has launched two new bid multipliers today that will allow users to leverage check-in date in bidding decisions. The new multipliers are: Check-in day of week: Allows advertisers to adjust bids by the clicked day of week. Advanced Booking Window: Allows advertisers to adjust bids based on how far […]

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Google Local Universal 3-Pack Rollout Update

In mid-November, Google replaced the local carousel  in their organic SERP with the Local Universal 3-pack. Since then, we’ve noticed significant changes in the traffic flow within the Hotel Ads search types. The new 3-pack began rolling out in the US market the week of November 17th. We immediately noted a […]

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Google Hotel Ads Bidding Made Simple

Google Hotel Ads bidding and optimization can be a bit confusing at first glance because it differs from most biddable channels out there; especially from other metasearch channels.

In this post, we’re going to break down Google HPA bidding and show you strategies to target the guests you want: whether it be by country, device, or even length of stay.

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Mobile Usage Trends in Metasearch

There are clear trends in the way consumers use different device types to book their travel online, come explore the insights we’ve uncovered.

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Improvements in Hotel Price Ads “mapresults” Reporting

If you have done any analysis on Google Hotel Price Ads, you may have noticed that mapresults eligible impressions and impressions were being underreported. (Or you may have even spent some time digging into how you were getting that awesome 400% click-through rate!)

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Changes to Opaque Pricing Ads

Google is continuing to tweak the opaque pricing ad that we first uncovered in May. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the first ad we saw in May, and the ad we are seeing now. Ad Seen In May Recent Ad Experiment Key Changes Book now button replacing the Book […]

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