Preventing >$1,000,000 in Fraudulent Click Costs

In the last year alone, our fraud detection systems have identified over 48,175 record-level instances of click fraud, and we’re proud to have proactively saved clients over $1,000,000 in associated costs to date. Minimizing click fraud and recouping associated costs are activities best managed programmatically, but we can share some of the basics you can apply to any account.

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Advertiser Visibility on TripAdvisor

When analyzing performance on TripAdvisor, we often find ourselves taking the time to consider where our ads are ranked in the auction. This is in part because advertisers ranked in the top three positions receive significantly more clicks than advertisers in lower ranking text links. Needless to say, maintaining a high level of visibility for popular hotels is an important part of driving campaign volume. This can be challenging at times as we typically see increased competition for top hotels in popular locals. If not closely monitored, a change in competition can cause an ad to be pushed out of the top 3 slots and in turn reduce its visibility significantly.

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