Proximity Matters: Finding the Closest Hotel

When searching for a hotel, there are many different ways users can search: They can search for a specific hotel or brand name They can search for hotels in a city and narrow down by price and amenities They can search for a hotel closest to an attraction When traveling […]

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Feature Review: Price Trends for Google HA Tablet Users

Discount travelers rejoice!  Google allows tablet users to monitor room rates with their Price Trends feature.   If you’re like me, you watch flight prices for months, waiting for a good deal.  I will even schedule a vacation starting on Tuesday if it has the cheapest flight.  But when it comes […]

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Hurricane Metasearch Trends: Hotel for Lassie

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a huge impact on campaigns due to Hurricane Matthew. As mentioned in the previous post, people weren’t just looking for a hotel for themselves. They were also looking for a place for their pets. Many people see pets as a major part of their family and will not leave them behind during an evacuation.

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