Insights from the Koddi team on hotel price ads, meta, and more...
Google Launches Trip Planner on Desktop

There are clearly a lot of big things going on with Google travel recently. In January we first posted about Google’s destination planning experience on mobile and have […]

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Major Experiment Promotes Google’s Hotel Ads

As of this morning and last night we’re seeing a major new experiment pop up across domains for hotel specific searches. The new format shifts the Hotel Ads unit from its usual home in the knowledge panel to the middle of the screen, sometimes even giving it preference over Text Ads…

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How Engineers Can Help Drive Innovation

Every engineer out there is looking to build something amazing, just like every visionary likes to see their ideas come to life. Unfortunately, innovation can be lost in the day to day, technicalities, other priorities, and requirements documents. All of these have created pitfalls for many promising projects, but it doesn’t have to be the case if you can be aware of where those pitfalls may pop up and implement a little bit of autonomy in bridging those gaps.

Here are a few things that we do to keep our engineering team connected to and at the forefront of innovation.

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Crowdsourcing for Better Hotel Search Results

Searching for a hotel this week, I kept seeing a feature pop up that we’ve written about a little bit in the past. If you […]

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Refining the Mobile Hotel Ads Experience

In previous months and years, we’ve shared how Google Hotel Ads mobile traffic has gone from almost nonexistent, to fast growing, to competing with desktop. We’ve shared that for some of our clients, we’re driving more mobile bookings than desktop bookings. In meetings and QBRs, we can’t shout loud enough about how critical mobile is to creating beats on 2015 and 2016 revenue numbers.

At the risk of being redundant, we want to be perfectly clear: you can’t afford to ignore mobile.

And here’s yet another example of why this is true. Check out how refined Google’s mobile hotel search experience has become…

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Hospitality brands gained some new ways to share information with search engines in this week’s release, allowing hoteliers to specify everything from what kinds of rooms are on offer to whether they’re pet friendly. These enhancements to the markup standards, which Google uses to enhance a site’s search results, set the stage for travel shoppers to more fully assess what chains, single-location B&B’s, OTAs and even peer-to-peer networks like Airbnb have to offer directly on search results pages – and maybe even someday book from there as well.

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Winning Mobile Bookings In Metasearch

It’s cliche to say, but mobile has been and continues to be one of the areas where we see the most growth. Not long ago, mobile made up such a small portion of metasearch volume that it would often be neglected without any significant impacts on the overall campaign. Today, it’s not uncommon for mobile eligible impressions to be equal to desktop. With the amount of volume on the line it’s important to pay attention.

At Koddi, we’re lucky to have the most granular set of metasearch market data in the world. Below is a view of recent opportunities for mobile traffic compared to the previous year. Overall traffic continues to grow, but mobile is closing the gap on desktop. Last year, mobile traffic was 41% lower than desktop…

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Beyond Metasearch: Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel

At Koddi, we’ve always been humbled by how often our clients lead our evolution into new features and offerings. When we do incredible work, clients […]

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Hotel Booking using the Facebook Messenger Platform

Last year we wrote about Facebook’s plans to launch Messenger bots which would, among other things, allow users to buy products, track orders, and even book hotel […]

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Google Hotel Ads Date Picker Updates

Today we were QA’ing some new ads and noticed a little something extra pulling our attention towards the date picker in Google’s hotel search experience: […]

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