Product Update: Koddi Now Providing Facebook DAT Support for Vacation Packages

Koddi is proud to announce that we are expanding our support for Facebook DAT.  Koddi partners can now leverage Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) as a sales channel for not only hotels but also vacation packages. Ameropa-Reisen has been the pilot customer for this expansion and has already begun to display […]

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Reach Highly Engaged Customers With Facebook DAT

With the shift from DAP to DAT, travel brands are now able to reach a highly engaged audience. For groups like IHG, this has led to a cost per booking decrease of 20 percent with a 50 percent increase in campaign scale. With its 1.8 billion monthly users, Facebook has […]

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4 Tips for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel

In our previous blog post, we highlighted the main differences between Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). Put simply, Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) is essentially Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), but designed specifically to support travel brands (boy, do we love acronyms.)

We have been running DAT campaigns from the earliest days of the program, and with participation steadily increasing, we figured this would be a good time for us to share some of the things that we’ve learned along the way.

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Why Transition to Facebook DAT from DPA?

As discussed in our previous post, trying to use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for Travel is possible, but isn’t ideal due to the number of workarounds that have to be used to make campaigns work in a retail context. Yet, we still get the question from prospective clients, “Why switch […]

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