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New from Google: Shortcuts in Mobile Search

This week Google launched a new set of shortcuts in their mobile search aimed at directing users to their favorite information faster and easier than ever. These new shortcuts automatically appear on the Google home screen for mobile. While the options for iOS users are quite limited only including weather, […]

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Feature Disparity in Google’s Hotel Search

In recent months, Google has added new filtering options for the two main ways users interact with a Hotel Ads, localuniversal (the knowledge panel in organic search) and mapresults (Google Maps.) I was drawn recently to a new filtering feature on the localuniversal search – the ‘Max Price/Night’ slider. We […]

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Good News for Tablet Traffic

When tablets first came out, they were a technology of the affluent. I remember working with luxury retail brands at the time and there was incredible buzz about being able to reach users on that device. Traffic was cheap and conversion rates were good. Lots of experiences felt high end on tablets.

Travel has always had a problem with tablets, though. This chart – even if a few years old at this point – sums the problem up pretty nicely…

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Feature Review: Price Trends for Google HA Tablet Users

Discount travelers rejoice!  Google allows tablet users to monitor room rates with their Price Trends feature.   If you’re like me, you watch flight prices for months, waiting for a good deal.  I will even schedule a vacation starting on Tuesday if it has the cheapest flight.  But when it comes […]

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How Google Surveys Hotel Searchers

All websites want to understand their users motivation for being there. Why is this user searching for that? Why is this user looking at this page/product? In advertising, we try to make broad assumptions of motivation. We sometimes get so caught up with the hypothetical explanations, that we overlook the […]

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Google’s Local Universal Now Shows Four Ads By Default

Google has increased the number of ads shown by default in its Local Universal listings from two to four. In this post, we take a look at what changes Google has made and the impact these are having on hotel performance, as well as what can be done to capitalize on these changes.

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New Nearby Deal Placement Spotted on Google

We’re seeing a new Deals placement for certain hotel queries on Google, now placed above the top ad slot. Clicking it brings you into the map results with the “Nearby Deal” preselected. From our observations, it appears that the Deals are nearby properties with similar ratings and amenities.

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Major Experiment Promotes Google’s Hotel Ads

As of this morning and last night we’re seeing a major new experiment pop up across domains for hotel specific searches. The new format shifts the Hotel Ads unit from its usual home in the knowledge panel to the middle of the screen, sometimes even giving it preference over Text Ads…

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Crowdsourcing for Better Hotel Search Results

Searching for a hotel this week, I kept seeing a feature pop up that we’ve written about a little bit in the past. If you haven’t experienced it before, there’s a small prompt to users, asking “Know what features this place has?” Once clicking (or tapping) in, you’re prompted with […]

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Refining the Mobile Hotel Ads Experience

In previous months and years, we’ve shared how Google Hotel Ads mobile traffic has gone from almost nonexistent, to fast growing, to competing with desktop. We’ve shared that for some of our clients, we’re driving more mobile bookings than desktop bookings. In meetings and QBRs, we can’t shout loud enough about how critical mobile is to creating beats on 2015 and 2016 revenue numbers.

At the risk of being redundant, we want to be perfectly clear: you can’t afford to ignore mobile.

And here’s yet another example of why this is true. Check out how refined Google’s mobile hotel search experience has become…

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