Koddi Releases Scala Geocoding Library

Today Koddi is excited to announce the initial release of our own Scala Geocoding library. Here at Koddi, we value open source projects that allow small organizations to grow quickly and hope this project can return the favor for other developers out there!

A few may be asking why we chose to write our own library for something as simple as Geocoding. When we were researching libraries to use, we noticed a lack of high-quality Scala geocoding libraries. There are some available<, but most of them never really caught our eye, so we set out to write a clean, lightweight library that any Scala programmer can use.

Before building the library, we had some clear-cut objectives: No 3rd-party dependencies, fully tested, compliant with the Google Geocoding API including tertiary parameters, and easy enough to use that developers would want to adopt this library. The Koddi Geocoder accomplishes all of these goals and some additional features we were able to roll in afterward. Let’s dive in and take a look at some usage examples.

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Designing event based applications with incron

Recently we wrote an article on leveraging AWS Lambda to create event based applications using S3. However what happens when you don’t have access to S3? What if you are using FTP or shared drives? Luckily there are still solutions! One way to accomplish this on Linux  is using incron. […]

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Creating Advertiser Value in Metasearch

It’s hard not to notice a lot of encouragement of a “race to the bottom” mentality in metasearch, and it’s not new. Some engines prioritize pricing over anything else. Others are prioritizing only deep discounts, often from the gray market.

Today there’s been a bit of a stir from an internal Google Now feature is encouraging rebooking on price drop. As a user, I love the idea of this feature. I already rely on Google Now, and would find a lot of value here. As an advertiser, I wouldn’t know exactly what to think.

Price is an important lever in any market, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with products and features that create price pressure. Balance here is important; we can’t expect healthy advertisers if all they ever get is more and more pressure.

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Driving Bookings with Amenities

We are always looking for the best ways to improve our clients’ metasearch performance. With a growing number of properties participating, it can be difficult to stand out. While price, reviews, location and convenience remain the most important considerations for travelers, a study recently conducted by TripAdvisor identified that 77% of consumer booking decisions are influenced by the available amenities. Amenities serve as a value add for customers. The more discerning travelers will not even consider a property if the right amenities are not available.

Think of it this way, participating in metasearch is a lot like competing on The Bachelor. One customer has the choice of dozens of beautiful properties vying for their attention. All of them hoping to earn that coveted rose (in this case booking) and save themselves from elimination. So how do you stand out? Is it by being the easiest or cheapest option? This will definitely earn you a lot of attention, but it doesn’t often lead to a long term relationship. Everyone knows that the winner will be the one that “gets” the bachelor on a deeper level and can satisfy all of their needs. So how can your hotel win the rose? Attractive amenities may be the answer.

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5 Tips For Product Management In A Startup

Building an awesome product is what keeps us going at Koddi. We’re a group of people who are passionate about creating great things. Through our shared and individual experiences, successes, and failures, we’ve picked up a few tips we feel are critical to the product development process. 1) Don’t assume […]

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Hotel Marketing & Online Travel Infographics

We’ve collected and posted 5 of the most interesting hotel marketing & travel infographics from around the web. Go ahead: nerd out, get inspired, or snag stats or inspiration for your next presentation! What Guests Want by Hotels.com Wondering how to resonate with users in your messaging or landing pages? Better […]

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Where does Hotel Finder traffic come from?

Occasionally we’re asked for clarification around where Hotel Finder and Hotel Price Ads traffic comes from, so we wanted to take the opportunity to shine a little light on the subject. It’s easy to understand how the question comes up, since there isn’t a major path into Hotel Finder like […]

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How Real Users Search on Hotel Finder

We put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with new ways to help our clients reach their customers efficiently and effectively through Hotel Price Ads. We might be nerdy by nature, and we may tend lean toward huge data sets, analysis, technology, algorithms, and models to build […]

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What determines a “Good deal” on Hotel Finder?

You may have noticed that some hotel listings on Google’s Hotel Finder show up with green prices and a “Good deal” tagline, indicating that something special is going on with the rate. There doesn’t appear to be any documentation of this feature in the help, so we’ve often wondered, “What […]

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