Good News for Tablet Traffic

When tablets first came out, they were a technology of the affluent. I remember working with luxury retail brands at the time and there was incredible buzz about being able to reach users on that device. Traffic was cheap and conversion rates were good. Lots of experiences felt high end on tablets.

Travel has always had a problem with tablets, though. This chart – even if a few years old at this point – sums the problem up pretty nicely…

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How Google Surveys Hotel Searchers

All websites want to understand their users motivation for being there. Why is this user searching for that? Why is this user looking at this page/product? In advertising, we try to make broad assumptions of motivation. We sometimes get so caught up with the hypothetical explanations, that we overlook the […]

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Five Key Metasearch Posts from 2016

It’s 2017! Excitement is in the air and the Koddi team is ramping up for another great year. With 2016 officially behind us, we are making sure to take stock of everything we learned this year. In doing so we rediscovered some important posts that we felt were worth revisiting. Winning […]

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Google’s Local Universal Now Shows Four Ads By Default

Google has increased the number of ads shown by default in its Local Universal listings from two to four. In this post, we take a look at what changes Google has made and the impact these are having on hotel performance, as well as what can be done to capitalize on these changes.

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Metasearch Optimization: Getting Ready for 2017

As we begin to plan for the new year, I thought it might be a good time to remind ourselves of some often overlooked fundamentals to a successful metasearch program. We get completely engulfed by the budget and planning process all the while overlooking the importance of auditing, refreshing and […]

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How Friday’s DDoS Attacks Impacted Metasearch

If you’re reading this from the US, there’s a good chance that you were impacted in one way or another by the distributed denial of service attacks that took place against Dyn on October 21st. The attack resulted in disruptions for millions of users of many large and popular sites. Smaller but still important pieces of infrastructure were also impacted.

So did we see anything happen in metasearch? In short, yes. For many of our clients, it was business as usual, but a few were more impacted based on their publisher portfolio, technology stack, and global traffic mix. Here’s what we’re seeing so far.

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Hurricane Metasearch Trends: Hotel for Lassie

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a huge impact on campaigns due to Hurricane Matthew. As mentioned in the previous post, people weren’t just looking for a hotel for themselves. They were also looking for a place for their pets. Many people see pets as a major part of their family and will not leave them behind during an evacuation.

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Hurricane Matthew Metasearch Trends

Early in the week, we noticed an unusual spike in traffic in certain geographies in the southeast United States. Upon digging in, we found that the uptick in traffic was coming primarily from States in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We found that many users were searching for hotels further inland in their respective states.

While the spike did impact properties of all types in one way or another, we found that lower ADR hotels saw a 341% increase in click volume for hotels in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, while only seeing a 14% increase in all other US states.

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Hospitality brands gained some new ways to share information with search engines in this week’s release, allowing hoteliers to specify everything from what kinds of rooms are on offer to whether they’re pet friendly. These enhancements to the markup standards, which Google uses to enhance a site’s search results, set the stage for travel shoppers to more fully assess what chains, single-location B&B’s, OTAs and even peer-to-peer networks like Airbnb have to offer directly on search results pages – and maybe even someday book from there as well.

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Winning Mobile Bookings In Metasearch

It’s cliche to say, but mobile has been and continues to be one of the areas where we see the most growth. Not long ago, mobile made up such a small portion of metasearch volume that it would often be neglected without any significant impacts on the overall campaign. Today, it’s not uncommon for mobile eligible impressions to be equal to desktop. With the amount of volume on the line it’s important to pay attention.

At Koddi, we’re lucky to have the most granular set of metasearch market data in the world. Below is a view of recent opportunities for mobile traffic compared to the previous year. Overall traffic continues to grow, but mobile is closing the gap on desktop. Last year, mobile traffic was 41% lower than desktop…

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