Understanding Travelers at Key Decision-Making Points

You don’t have to look far to have study after study tell you that customers are dynamically evolving, largely due to being constantly connected to the digital world. Digital marketers are responsible for not only understanding how their efforts direct customers through the customer decision-making journey, but also ensuring that […]

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Reach Highly Engaged Customers With Facebook DAT

With the shift from DAP to DAT, travel brands are now able to reach a highly engaged audience. For groups like IHG, this has led to a cost per booking decrease of 20 percent with a 50 percent increase in campaign scale. With its 1.8 billion monthly users, Facebook has […]

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Metasearch Optimization: Getting Ready for 2017

As we begin to plan for the new year, I thought it might be a good time to remind ourselves of some often overlooked fundamentals to a successful metasearch program. We get completely engulfed by the budget and planning process all the while overlooking the importance of auditing, refreshing and […]

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3 Fundamental Practices of Metasearch Management

We all know the power of 101 – fundamental knowledge. In practice, what is fundamental leads to advanced applications and continuous pursuit of improvement. Today we wanted to share some fundamental practices of metasearch campaign management that we have always found helpful. Inventory Audit When it comes to updating the […]

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One ROAS to Rule Them All? No.

When optimizing our hotel metasearch campaigns, many of us get caught up in the day-to-day of bid changes, statistical analysis, and UI experiments as the main ways we affect the performance of our meta portfolio. However, one thing we often forget to do while working hard to achieve our goals, is to – you know – reevaluate our goals.

This process of reevaluation is actually incredibly important, and can have just as many tangible performance benefits as your well-thought out bid strategy. I’m going to talk about one of these here – maximizing your booking volume at a ROAS goal – but to be specific, let’s make a nice thesis statement…

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