Where are the Business Travelers?

A few months ago we were in the middle of 2017 planning and were talking to travel advertisers about their top goals for the coming year. One of the most common themes was driving more bookings from business travelers. This got us thinking a lot about what trends we’re seeing in the space overall and the best way to quantify them. In downstream conversations and projects, it became really apparent that it is far too easy to be prescriptive about this group instead of thinking about the bigger picture.

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Hurricane Matthew Metasearch Trends

Early in the week, we noticed an unusual spike in traffic in certain geographies in the southeast United States. Upon digging in, we found that the uptick in traffic was coming primarily from States in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We found that many users were searching for hotels further inland in their respective states.

While the spike did impact properties of all types in one way or another, we found that lower ADR hotels saw a 341% increase in click volume for hotels in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, while only seeing a 14% increase in all other US states.

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How will Labor Day 2015 bookings look?

At the end of each summer for the past few years, we’ve been able to rely on having one or two final big days; the Friday and Saturday before Labor day. Search activity is up fueled by getaways, last minute bookings, deals, and millions of dollars in TV advertising. Labor Day 2015 may be a bit different though…

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Rate, Position, and Brand Preference in Metasearch

We like to run lots of experiments in and out of campaigns to test how users behave in metasearch and understand how we can help drive our clients more bookings at higher ROIs. In a recent experiment we set up a controlled metasearch environment and tracked how users responded to price, position, and advertiser-types.

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Google Local Universal 3-Pack Rollout Update

In mid-November, Google replaced the local carousel  in their organic SERP with the Local Universal 3-pack. Since then, we’ve noticed significant changes in the traffic flow within the Hotel Ads search types. The new 3-pack began rolling out in the US market the week of November 17th. We immediately noted a […]

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Hotel Search Windows by Device Type

We are privileged at Koddi to get unique insight into user search and booking behavior. We pay particular attention to behavior on different devices (see Mobile Usage Trends in Metasearch,) and utilize this data to aid our clients in optimizing their metasearch campaigns. Here’s what we see…

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