4 Tips for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel

In our previous blog post, we highlighted the main differences between Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). Put simply, Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) is essentially Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), but designed specifically to support travel brands (boy, do we love acronyms.)

We have been running DAT campaigns from the earliest days of the program, and with participation steadily increasing, we figured this would be a good time for us to share some of the things that we’ve learned along the way.

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Quick & Easy Google Hotel Ads Optimizations

We’ve been very lucky to work with lots of smart partners over the last couple of years. In that time we’ve collected a handful of best practices that any Hotel Ads advertiser can implement. The four activities below only take a few minutes to put in place, but can each have a significant impact on your campaign performance by driving lower CPCs and higher volumes.

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