Price Accuracy: Demystified

The King of Ad Quality Of the ad quality metrics for Google Hotel Ads, price accuracy is king. Not only can poor price accuracy push your campaign’s positioning into terra incognita, it will also impact your CVR once users start landing on higher prices than they clicked. This is why […]

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Driving Bookings with Amenities

We are always looking for the best ways to improve our clients’ metasearch performance. With a growing number of properties participating, it can be difficult to stand out. While price, reviews, location and convenience remain the most important considerations for travelers, a study recently conducted by TripAdvisor identified that 77% of consumer booking decisions are influenced by the available amenities. Amenities serve as a value add for customers. The more discerning travelers will not even consider a property if the right amenities are not available.

Think of it this way, participating in metasearch is a lot like competing on The Bachelor. One customer has the choice of dozens of beautiful properties vying for their attention. All of them hoping to earn that coveted rose (in this case booking) and save themselves from elimination. So how do you stand out? Is it by being the easiest or cheapest option? This will definitely earn you a lot of attention, but it doesn’t often lead to a long term relationship. Everyone knows that the winner will be the one that “gets” the bachelor on a deeper level and can satisfy all of their needs. So how can your hotel win the rose? Attractive amenities may be the answer.

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Improvements in Hotel Price Ads “mapresults” Reporting

If you have done any analysis on Google Hotel Price Ads, you may have noticed that mapresults eligible impressions and impressions were being underreported. (Or you may have even spent some time digging into how you were getting that awesome 400% click-through rate!)

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