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Delivers unmatched metasearch campaign scale and performance by enabling hotel advertisers through expert support,
property level optimization, in-depth reporting and the koddiyak bid signals.


The Koddi Dashboard gives you an executive level view of your metasearch campaigns with all of your relevant KPIs, integrated directly from your internal “source of truth”.

Our system enables you to deliver automated reports to stakeholders, dig into custom reports across any dimension, and expose new opportunities.

Koddi Metasearch Dashboard


Koddi frees up time and adds accountability to the campaign management process, enabling higher performance.

Intuitive Dashboards and Reporting

Koddi is the only metasearch management platform built with the sophisticated advertiser in mind. We use well-established design patterns to deliver reporting familiar to cross channel digital marketers, enabling your team to effectively apply advanced search and display strategies to metasearch.

Monitoring and Advanced Reporting

Our clients receive 100% transparent and fully automated reporting that aligns perfectly with their internal numbers. Our advanced reports allow for total customization and are used by clients to inform teams at all levels of key changes to the business, trends, and new opportunities.

UI & API Based Bulk Operations

Koddi users are able to make use of advanced reporting and bidding features across publishers that were previously impossible to accomplish. Our reporting and bid normalization layers bring disparate systems together into a unified user experience.

Property Content Management

All Koddi reporting is informed by rich property-level data, allowing clients to add geographic context to broad reports and bring in extremely granular hotel attributes for more detailed analysis. Advertisers can extend hotel data with custom fields and their own proprietary data.

Proprietary Bidding Signals

Our bid automation solutions apply the best model for your specific goals, constraints, and data. Each Koddi client can choose exactly how to bid their campaigns and partner with our team to implement custom algorithms to maximize results.

Smart Alerts, Labeling, & Strategic Event Queue

Koddi’s event-based reporting and notifications systems enable you and your team to spot trends quickly and access all of the information necessary to take action. Custom labels allow for both automated and one-off grouping of properties by any value.


The Koddi platform also provides advertisers with the capability of managing their Dynamic Ads for Travel on Facebook. This new advertising product is the most effective way for travel brands to reach customers on Facebook and create meaningful ad experiences.


We have an unprecedented view into the metasearch space. Stay a step ahead with our research and industry updates.


Our latest whitepaper is packed with over 10 pages of resources and best practices for Google Hotel Ads. This guide will introduce you to Hotel campaigns, the latest update to Google Hotel Ads and explain the key components that go into making a metasearch campaign on Google.


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