Insights from the Koddi team on hotel price ads, meta, and more...
Google Updates the mapresults Placement

Early in October Google made changes to Maps user experience, which impacts the Hotel Ads “mapresults” placement. They added new features and made some visually […]

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New Callouts Live in Google Hotel Ads

About a week ago, we saw callouts starting to go live in Google Hotel Ads on mobile, and it looks like they have migrated to […]

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More Room Data Showing, Hotel Finder Placement Retired

Room Bundles – data that allows users engaging with Hotel Ads to select a specific room rate – are now showing in some hotel-specific Google […]

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New Multipliers on Google Hotel Ads

Google has launched two new bid multipliers today that will allow users to leverage check-in date in bidding decisions. The new multipliers are: Check-in day […]

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How will Labor Day 2015 bookings look?

At the end of each summer for the past few years, we’ve been able to rely on having one or two final big days; the Friday and Saturday before Labor day. Search activity is up fueled by getaways, last minute bookings, deals, and millions of dollars in TV advertising. Labor Day 2015 may be a bit different though…

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Designing event based applications with incron

Recently we wrote an article on leveraging AWS Lambda to create event based applications using S3. However what happens when you don’t have access to […]

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Creating Advertiser Value in Metasearch

It’s hard not to notice a lot of encouragement of a “race to the bottom” mentality in metasearch, and it’s not new. Some engines prioritize pricing over anything else. Others are prioritizing only deep discounts, often from the gray market.

Today there’s been a bit of a stir from an internal Google Now feature is encouraging rebooking on price drop. As a user, I love the idea of this feature. I already rely on Google Now, and would find a lot of value here. As an advertiser, I wouldn’t know exactly what to think.

Price is an important lever in any market, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with products and features that create price pressure. Balance here is important; we can’t expect healthy advertisers if all they ever get is more and more pressure.

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Quick & Easy Google Hotel Ads Optimizations

We’ve been very lucky to work with lots of smart partners over the last couple of years. In that time we’ve collected a handful of best practices that any Hotel Ads advertiser can implement. The four activities below only take a few minutes to put in place, but can each have a significant impact on your campaign performance by driving lower CPCs and higher volumes.

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Better Hotel Search, Direct Bookings, and Crowdsourcing on Google

This is a big week for hotel metasearch. In the last few days alone, we’ve spotted three really important experiments or updates that have the potential to cause big shifts in the hotel marketing world. Further, the velocity of these changes point to a Google Travel team that is serious about iteration. The quick evolutions and the growth we’re seeing really solidify Google’s position as a major player in the space.

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Reactive Applications with AWS Lambda

Sometimes you may find yourself requiring a CRON script to clean a file, or maybe you need to watch a directory of images to create preview thumbnails when they arrive on the server. Processes like these suffer from the same limitation; they require you to poll a script until you get a “successful” result.

This is problematic because it forces the developer to write redundancy checks in the code instead of just focusing on the core problem. Moreover, file watching utilities generally notify once the file is created, not when the file is finished writing. All of these problems must be accounted for, and result in more complexity, overhead, and development time.

This is where event driven programming can greatly reduce your development overhead. Part of that is maintaining a centralized data lake for all of your raw files. Data lakes generally maintain an event API for easy management and access of files within the lake. In our case, Amazon S3 is the data lake of choice and thanks to AWS Lambda we can hook into the S3 event API with minimal effort for simple use cases like cleaning files.

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