Insights from the Koddi team on hotel price ads, meta, and more...
Google Hotel Ads Becoming More Keyword Aware

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about the shift in traffic from Hotel Finder to Local Universal, and how we expect to see Hotel Ads become increasingly […]

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Google Local Universal 3-Pack Rollout Update

In mid-November, Google replaced the local carousel  in their organic SERP with the Local Universal 3-pack. Since then, we’ve noticed significant changes in the traffic flow […]

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Hotel Search Windows by Device Type

We are privileged at Koddi to get unique insight into user search and booking behavior. We pay particular attention to behavior on different devices (see Mobile Usage Trends in Metasearch,) and utilize this data to aid our clients in optimizing their metasearch campaigns. Here’s what we see…

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Tools and Methods for Multiple Weekly Deployments

Building an advanced bidding and reporting platform doesn’t just happen overnight. Our development team is constantly working on updating and improving the platform to give […]

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Major Changes to Hotel Search Results Now Live

Over the last few days, Google have announced a few changes to how Hotel Ads show up in the search results. We originally spotted this experiment in August and have been paying very close attention ever since.

This experiment has rolled out broadly in the last couple of days, and should be nearing reach to 100% of users. In tracking the impact across clients, we’ve found a few interesting things:

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Scalable Data Modeling with Redshift

One of the major challenges of building an advanced bidding and reporting platform is dealing with the large amounts of data we see come in […]

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Enterprise Metasearch Optimization

We recently wrote and released an ebook covering everything digital executives need to know about running high performance metasearch campaigns. This process gave us a framework for quantifying the metasearch opportunity, and we have been testing with clients and friends in the industry.

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Google Hotel Ads Bidding Made Simple

Google Hotel Ads bidding and optimization can be a bit confusing at first glance because it differs from most biddable channels out there; especially from other metasearch channels.

In this post, we’re going to break down Google HPA bidding and show you strategies to target the guests you want: whether it be by country, device, or even length of stay.

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HPAs are now Google Hotel Ads

Google has announced today that they are rebranding the Hotel Price Ads product as Hotel Ads. From the Google Travel team: Hotel Ads Website Launch […]

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Mobile Usage Trends in Metasearch

There are clear trends in the way consumers use different device types to book their travel online, come explore the insights we’ve uncovered.

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