Dynamic Ads for Travel

As a Facebook Marketing Partner focused exclusively on the travel vertical, we’ve become experts in Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel. We help our clients manage ad campaigns for hundreds of thousands of hotels, providing the most actionable insights to scale bookings and increase revenue.


Achieve maximum relevance

Generate hundreds of thousands of ad variations for Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network with dynamic creative like price, hotel city and more. Leverage Koddi’s unparalleled ability to utilize internal data to create a truly relevant experience.

Reach a valuable audience

Dynamic Ads for Travel allow you to engage with travelers in all stages of the buyer’s journey. You can retarget users that have interacted your brand as well as reach broad audiences that have intent to travel but may not be familiar with your brand.

Drive high-value bookings

The Koddi platform maximizes DAT’s ability to generate high-value bookings, finding customers when and where they matter most. Advanced audience and bidding algorithms allow advertisers to find customers in need markets and at pivotal times.

Facebook Innovation Spotlight


Increase in Bookings
Lift in Traffic
Increase in Revenue


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