It’s 2017! Excitement is in the air and the Koddi team is ramping up for another great year. With 2016 officially behind us, we are making sure to take stock of everything we learned this year. In doing so we rediscovered some important posts that we felt were worth revisiting.

Winning Mobile Bookings In Metasearch –  As long as we’ve been blogging, we’ve been talking about the importance of mobile in metasearch. So it should come as no surprise that this would be the first post from 2016 we resurface. In this post, we take a look at the growth of mobile in metasearch, its importance, and how advertisers can put themselves in the best position. Every year we see a larger portion of bookings come from mobile sources. If you want to be prepared for 2017 growth, this is a great post to review.

Amenities Return to Google’s Hotel Search Results – Publishers in the space have been committed to providing the most relevant information to a user as soon as possible. We have seen a lot of experimentation occur this year, but there has been one common theme, information is king. Now more than ever accurate and robust content is important for any hotel leveraging metasearch. In this article, we examine how Google reintroduced amenities as a filter and what that means for hotels.

3 Fundamental Practices of Metasearch Management – At Koddi, we really love implementing smart, advanced and often complicated campaign strategies. We just love taking campaigns to the next level. While advanced strategies are more fun to talk about, they only work with the fundamentals are right. There are a thousand ways to improve your performance, but if you only have time to focus on a couple these are the three to look at.

One ROAS to Rule Them All? No. – In Metasearch a “one size fits all” approach is rarely a recipe for success. User intent, behavior, demographics, and performance heavily vary from publisher to publisher. We have found that advertisers with smart, flexible and adaptable goals have an edge when it comes to maximizing bookings. As you finalize your goals for 2017, consider some of the observations made in this article.

Building an Event-Driven, Fault-Tolerant Data Pipeline with AWS Lambda, Alluxio, and Spark – What a mouth-full. We would be remiss if we did not bring back one of our developer’s posts. The Koddi platform is extremely flexible, and building it required us to be flexible as well. If you would like to know how we’ve approached solving complex technical problems, this is a rare glimpse under the hood.  There are a lot of great learnings here for engineers and big data enthusiasts.

Hurricane Matthew Metasearch Trends – Last, but not least, are our observations on the effect of Hurricane Matthew. It can be difficult to predict when mother nature will influence hotel bookings. Prepared or not, weather can have a huge impact on campaign performance. This article does a great job outlining how impactful those trends can be.

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