It has been a big year for metasearch, and with so much growth in 2017, we can’t help but be excited about a new year. To prepare for 2018 and the future of metasearch, we’ve been collecting insights from industry experts.

Through our recent survey, we gathered opinions from across the industry, collaborating with digital marketers at online travel agencies, digital marketing agencies, hotel suppliers, tech brands and others. We heard from a diverse industry and experience mix with over 45% of our respondents holding a position title of director or higher.

Our respondents represent many of the largest global brands in the industry, with 65% managing metasearch campaigns for 500 or more hotel properties, with key regional focuses in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. We are excited to share some of the findings in this infographic below:

Metasearch in 2018 Infographic

With a projected organic growth of 30% to 40% year over year, metasearch is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing channels in the travel industry. Survey responses revealed that advertisers are preparing for a big year, and we hope the insights in this infographic can help advertisers prepare for what’s to come.

With a projected growth of 30-40%, metasearch is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing channels. Click To Tweet

If you’d like to dig deeper and learn more about metasearch advertising, check out our free whitepaper.

Metasearch Infographic with 2018 Data

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