Sponsored Listings

Monetize website traffic and create value for travel advertisers
Koddi Sponsored Listings makes it easy for any travel brand to drive incremental revenue by monetizing website traffic through pay-per-placement listings. The combination of Koddi’s technology, data and industry knowledge gives hotel brands, OTAs and metasearch partners the best opportunity to connect with consumers as they look for hotel rooms, flights, packages and more.


Highly Relevant

Sponsored Listings placements reach a relevant audience during the most influential stages of the booking process.

True Global Scale

Koddi partners represent the largest travel chains across the globe allowing Sponsored Listings partners unparalleled access to a global network.

Capture Existing Demand

Tap into Koddi’s advertising supply network that fuels over $1 billion in incremental revenue.


Campaign Management

Advertisers make payment on a per-click basis and can control their advertising budget by setting a maximum daily spend for each listing.

Unmatched Technology

Our cloud-based platform delivers industry-leading uptime and API response times.

Data-driven Ad Delivery

Our algorithms maximize customer conversions and revenue by utilizing over 240 consumer travel variables.

Intent-driven Solutions

Our proprietary solutions utilize consumer travel data and intent as a platform to drive a superior return on investment.

Closed-loop Attribution

Koddi’s program-wide and robust financial reporting traces every booking back to the click, allowing advertisers to track every dollar spent.

Industry Leading Expertise

Our team has over ten years of experience operating successful sponsored listings programs.


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