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4 Tips for Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel

In our previous blog post, we highlighted the main differences between Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA). Put simply, Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT) is essentially Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), but designed specifically to support travel brands (boy, do we love acronyms.)

We have been running DAT campaigns from the earliest days of the program, and with participation steadily increasing, we figured this would be a good time for us to share some of the things that we’ve learned along the way.

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Feature Disparity in Google’s Hotel Search

In recent months, Google has added new filtering options for the two main ways users interact with a Hotel Ads, localuniversal (the knowledge panel in […]

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Why Transition to Facebook DAT from DPA?

As discussed in our previous post, trying to use Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) for Travel is possible, but isn’t ideal due to the number of […]

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Where are the Business Travelers?

A few months ago we were in the middle of 2017 planning and were talking to travel advertisers about their top goals for the coming year. One of the most common themes was driving more bookings from business travelers. This got us thinking a lot about what trends we’re seeing in the space overall and the best way to quantify them. In downstream conversations and projects, it became really apparent that it is far too easy to be prescriptive about this group instead of thinking about the bigger picture.

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Good News for Tablet Traffic

When tablets first came out, they were a technology of the affluent. I remember working with luxury retail brands at the time and there was incredible buzz about being able to reach users on that device. Traffic was cheap and conversion rates were good. Lots of experiences felt high end on tablets.

Travel has always had a problem with tablets, though. This chart – even if a few years old at this point – sums the problem up pretty nicely…

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Feature Review: Price Trends for Google HA Tablet Users

Discount travelers rejoice!  Google allows tablet users to monitor room rates with their Price Trends feature.   If you’re like me, you watch flight prices […]

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How Google Surveys Hotel Searchers

All websites want to understand their users motivation for being there. Why is this user searching for that? Why is this user looking at this […]

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Five Key Metasearch Posts from 2016

It’s 2017! Excitement is in the air and the Koddi team is ramping up for another great year. With 2016 officially behind us, we are making […]

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Advertiser Visibility on TripAdvisor

When analyzing performance on TripAdvisor, we often find ourselves taking the time to consider where our ads are ranked in the auction. This is in part because advertisers ranked in the top three positions receive significantly more clicks than advertisers in lower ranking text links. Needless to say, maintaining a high level of visibility for popular hotels is an important part of driving campaign volume. This can be challenging at times as we typically see increased competition for top hotels in popular locals. If not closely monitored, a change in competition can cause an ad to be pushed out of the top 3 slots and in turn reduce its visibility significantly.

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Google’s Local Universal Now Shows Four Ads By Default

Google has increased the number of ads shown by default in its Local Universal listings from two to four. In this post, we take a look at what changes Google has made and the impact these are having on hotel performance, as well as what can be done to capitalize on these changes.

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